Hair By Rochelle - Wedding Hair Stylist Newquay Cornwall

Right here is the big thank you. I remember coming to your house not knowing what to expect, I never have my hair done or get dressed up so I was really unsure about what I wanted. I showed you pictures of trials I had before and straight away you knew what to do to take it to the next level and really make it look like wedding hair. You did and it was exactly the look I was going for, it was so beautiful, you did exactly what I asked for, but I wasn't sure I was totally comfortable with an up do and I just couldn't stop thinking about it after the trial. I spoke to you and you were so relaxed about it, and told me to come and try something else out we did and I felt so much more comfortable, you were great, again you made my hair look perfect you didn't make me feel like a bridezilla! On the day you rocked up and I really wished you could have spent the day with us, you fitted right in with everyone and I was so happy you were there with us, I remember having a lot of laughs and giggles with you and Amy. And like you said it would, my hair looked even better than at the trial. One thing I do totally remember about you, if you are a total perfectionist, which I loved because it made me feel like you cared as much about my hair as I did. I am sooooooo glad I don't live near you, as you would make an absolute killing from me, any night I go out, or big event I would be asking you to do my hair. I think you have really made me change the way I think about getting dressed up and doing my hair, I want to do it more as you really made me feel like a million bucks on the day and if I could feel 20% of that again I would be a very happy woman, thank you xx